Make sure you stop the mp3 player after seing the photos.


Hi guys! Welcome to my photo page. Before going on please click on the speaker icon above to start the music I prepared specially for this page (SPIROSAMPLER)... Did you click?... Thanks!! (timing is important....). Well... since the photos cover different periods, aspects & expressions of Spiro (..that is... me...lol..) I thought it would be great if I put some music while you're clicking & looking at the pics. So here is a collage of the diverse aspects of my music to go with the visual. Hope you like it!

Oh! By the way "YEA SOU" in hellenic means both "Hi" and "Good Bye".

Have Fun !!!

Isabel Monticelli:   Spiritual, Warrior,Thinker, Healer, Funguy.
Dimitri Dais:   What's Next
Christine Thomas:     New York 2010, AmigosParaSiempre, The Band
Click here for my child to teenage years in Hellas ( former Greece )