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On Feb 21 2014 my beloved father George Cardamis passed on in Athens Greece.

He was one of the most eminent pioneers of Jazz in Greece called-rightly so-

"The Benny Goodman Of Greece"

I'm in the process of finishing a CD of LOVE & Tribute to him & his music with the title

"George Cardamis' Hits Revisited"




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Two songs of my Hellenic Music "We The Hellenes" & "Hymn To Hellas Eternal" were chosen by the Federation of the Hellenic Societies of New York to be played during the Greek Independence parade on 5th Ave in Manhattan on March 27, 2011.

"We The Hellenes" is a moving hasapiko dance sung by a choir that speaks about the Hellenic heritage

of the 2nd & 3rd generation youth overseas. (inspiring poetry by Greek American poet Dino Makropoulos).

Check the clips of this year's parade while my music is being played.

"WE THE HELLENES" @ the Hellenic Parade March 27, 2011

"HYMN TO HELLAS ETERNAL" @ the Hellenic Parade March 27, 2011


In view of the Hellenic parade this year I was interviewed by NGTV ( National Greek TV).

The interview along with music samples lasts 30 minutes and it's in Hellenic language which may all be... "Greek to you"

Here are the 2 clips of the interview:

Panicos Panagiotou Interviews Spiro Cardamis in view of the Hellenic Parade (NGTV CH.) Part 1

Panicos Panagiotou Interviews Spiro Cardamis in view of the Hellenic Parade (NGTV CH.) Part 2

Working & planning to release 3 CDs. A Piano CD covering my Piano explorations  , my 3rd New Age album "SPIRO" sequel to "Soothing To The Savage Beast" and "George Cardamis' Hits Revisited", a tribute to my father's great career which will incorporate his songs of the 50's updated along with rare live radio recordings of his incredible artistry in both the clarinet & sax-alto!!!  


Live  Performances  Summer 2012

Friday Evening March 2nd, 2012 Spiro Cardamis and Julie Ziavras


Live at ArtMusic Coffeehouse

(taken from artmusiccoffeehouse)

Spiro Cardamis is an extraordinary keyboardist and composer in both traditional Greek and contemporary "New Age" styles. A virtuosic poet at the piano. Julie Ziavras is a wonderful singer in folk, Greek, and classical styles. The two of them together are a musical marvel.




Live  Performances  Summer 2011


Live as guest on board Celebrity "CONSTELLATION"



Live  Performances  Summer 2010


Live at Mohonk Mountain House



Past  Live  Performances 
A concert tribute to the great Troubadour Composer of Hellas Manos Hadjidakis was given at Marros Hall of the Greek Orthodox Church of our Saviour (east Rye N.Y.).

The "HADJIDAKIS WITH LOVE" concert was a great collaboration of mine as musical director with soprano extraordinaire Julie Ziavras.Did the arrangements of the songs together with the starting orchestral suite and the final medley.

Eleni Kalaitzidou on cello & vocals.Maria Jovanovic on flute & Pete Chivili on upright bass... and Tasso Papaioannou, guest singer, who sang the duet "LIANOTRAGOUTHA"with Julie.

At the end of the concert an enthusiastic audience of 200 people gave us a beautiful standing ovation.

Photos by Marina Kohl
Check a beautiful sample of the live show on YouTube.

This is not a just "what else" news....This is  big indeed....My beloved internet friend,webdesigner & graphics artist Maria Artnoize left us Aug 12 2008 from cancer.I still read her emails to me a month before  she left & still am in disbelief...I'm really sad....What a wonderful artist & person she must have been...(We never met physically) .This site which is her creation will always reflect her great sensitivity & artistry.. She is survived by her good husband Huib & her beautiful twin girls Celeste & Samantha...Dearest Maria ...we miss you!!! Dearest Maria....thank you for your artistry & friendship!!...We love you wherever you are.....

VOYAGE'89 - my very first healing music - has been having tremendous success on SEARCH MP3 ranking #1 or #2 together with NEW MILLENNIUM each month since March 2003, ( Intstrumental/ New Age Top Hits Internacionais).  
Sellect video clips on my YouTube   channel Spiramus
Homage to Bill Evans           - Spiro's most important piano jazz influence -                         
Homage to Manos Hatzidakis        - the greek composer troubadour -                                  
A Tribute of Love       Julie & Spiro's Ensemble perform Mano's beatiful song "S'Agapo"             
A Spectacular Virtual Concert   Maria Pagés dances to Spiro's Piano Exploration                  
ITHACA                                      A Virtual Concert for Piano & Strings                               
ITHACA was worked on & completed during the news of Michael Jackson's passing away.It was also uploaded on YouTube on July 17 2009 ,Walter Cronkite's passing.Hence it is dedicated to the memory of these 2 one & only great representatives of Art & Journalism.  
New Millennium       Satalla club, Manhattan june 2009, celebrating the Hellenic Spirit           
AGIASMA                              Dedicated to Agios Nectarios of Aegina                              
My Baby You                  Spiro's piano rendition of  Marc Anthony's classic ballad                 
Farewell (Adieu)                           Composed & Performed by Spiro