A SINGLE WORD (vocals Melissa Jimenez)


The Soul finds a Home (June 25, 2010)

by Paul Adam Smeltz

....attendees were treated to the passion and emotional depth found in Classical and originally composed music as they were presented by Keyboardist, Composer, and Maestro

Spiro Cardamis and Soprano Julie Ziavras.

The exquisite blend of music and voice made the evening an elusive one for words to describe as it communicated through the language of the soul. (Paul's blog of recent private concert at


Artmusic’s Grecian Home (March 2, 2012)
by Paul Adam Smeltz

The performance consisted of several songs sung in a foreign tongue, but their transcending life affirming litany reminded our hearts there is something to be experience in life that goes beyond our lives.

The atmosphere which Mr. Slepian germinated soon began to blossom as Spiro Cardamis took his place on stage. Sounds deriving from original compositions alongside lovingly arraigned pieces including those created by Greek composer Manos Hadjidakis filled the senses as notes and sound effects brought the full flavor of the Greek Islands to the fore of the imagination. A beauty was felt reminding us of the beauty found whenever we look clearly within ourselves. It is a beauty that can never truly be diminished but can always be enhanced.

The beauty of the music Mr. Cardamis shared was enhanced by the appearance of Julie Ziavras whose vocal blending created a new dimension to the music she accompanied. Poetry was shared as was a new work titled “Farewell.” The remainder of the performance did indeed fare well with those who experienced it not only through their ears but from within their spirits.

(Paul's blog of recent private concert at




"The ranges of emotions that emanate from this extraordinarily crafted work are amazing"

Review of NEW MILLENNIUM, Spiro's special offer & dedication to the OLYMPIC GAMES 2004,at GodsofMusic.com

"There's a calm, mystical divinity about Voyage..... An unspoken love lingers somewhere in between the spaces"... , Review of VOYAGE'89, Spiro's
very first healing piece of music,at GodsofMusic.com
"This music is extremely powerful and emotional"...
Review of BEAST & THE BEAUTY, man's struggle to find his beauty,
at GodsofMusic.com
"The Piano never sounded so alive!...Cardamis has shown he is a great composer
as well as a great player with this rendition of Earl Hagen's song.".....
Review of HARLEM NOCTURNE, Spiro's fresh rendition of a favorite
old standard (the very one his dad used to masterfully play on alto sax back in Greece).
"A requiem should stir your soul, lead your spirit to a contemplative place,and put you in
a reverent state of mind. 'Requiem for Pat and Lady Di', by Spiro Cardamis, manages to
fit the definition like a glove...Review of REQUIEM,
one of Spiro's most moving pieces ever, at Godsofmusic.com.
"Normally I am not a fan of new-age music, but Spiro Cardamis is an exception.
His music is like a field of beautiful flowers."...Comments of broadcaster Bluebert on
"Spiro Cardamis - New Millennium - Een instrumentaal, op klassiek gestoelde muziek.
Een tweede Vangelis?
" The Belgian site NETTIES (scroll all the way down) comments on
New Millennium:"Instrumental classically based music" and asks the question whether
Spiro is another Vangelis...lol....
"... sentir el aire estar en Grecia, inmediatamente piensas en Nana Mouskouri, Vangelis
Papathanassiou, Demis Roussos, Yanni, Spiro Cardamis
"..to feel the air to be in Greece,immediately you think about Nana Mouskouri, Vangelis Papathanassiou, Demis Roussos, Yanni, Spiro Cardamis recently...
Excerpt from a page of The Musica Riservata on Alkistis Protopsalti,
great contemporary Greek singer
".. una pieza que envuelve, que solo dura minuto, pero es como oír la eternidad."
"..a piece that surrounds,that only lasts a minute but it is as though
you're listening to eternity"
Excerpt from The Musica Riservata website describing Spiro's piece "OUTHERE"
Responding to Spiro's previous thank you email the Musicariservata group writes:
"We have no big ambitions but certainly lots of good intentions. Our goal is to spread all over
the web the ultimate music that we consider the best and not properly broadcasted.
The music made by artist like you that bring peace to our hearts and this feeling of redemption needed in the world these days where the mix of noise and bussines (most of the times)
are called and understood as"Pop music".
Thanks for being there.

The Musica Riservata Team (Andreína, Manolo and Angelo from Caracas - Venezuela).