Multifaceted musician: pianist/synthesizer player/composer/arranger/producer.

Born in Athens,Hellas. Has lived in the U.S (New York, New Jersey) since 1986.

Performs and works in Metropolitan area as a bandleader or solo pianist.

Familiar with diverse genres of music especially classical, jazz, pop, Hellenic and Middle Eastern.

Strong personal style both as a performer and composer with emphasis on the spiritual,

the mystical & the adventurous. (check his piano explorations)

Highly esteemed within the Hellenic - American community for his talents and musical output.

His music has been performed, presented or heard at:
N.Y. Hall of Science N.Y. Public Library Boston University
N.Y. Open Center Eastman School Of Music Hellenic American Union
Taj Mahal (Atlantic City) Tokyo N.Y.Radio, Athens Radio (regularly by sophisticated 3rd program)
N.Y. Night Clubs N.Y. Hotels & Catering Halls

American Express

 TV Commercial

(Check YouTube)

N.Y.Public t.v.. (ch 16) Dance stages in N.Y. Painting Galleries
Hospitals (N.Y. Beth Israel, Vermont etc.) New Age Transformational Workshops Chiropractic & Massage Parlors


In 1998 the documentary "GREEK AMERICANS", produced by George Veras (producer of video concerts of YANNI, NANA MOUSCHOURI etc.) was presented by WLIW ch21, featuring Spiro's pure Hellenic Music.



CD "Of Mystic Places & Troubadours" (1991)
CD "Soothing to the Savage Beast" (1994)
CASSETTE "VOYAGE '89" (1989)
CASSETTE "Mystic Transportation" (1989)
CASSETTE "We the Hellenes" (1997)


Masters in Music. EASTMAN SCHOOL OF MUSIC (major composition).

Law degree. ATHENS UNIVERSITY (passed bar exams but never practiced)



First Prize Chamber Music Composition Contest MINISTRY of HELLENIC CULTURE.

First Prize Best Orchestration SALONIKA POP MUSIC FESTIVAL.

Piano distinction & money prize, at age 15, for exceptional performance by the NATIONAL CONSERVATORY, Athens, Hellas.

Twice winner of CLASSICAL MUSIC of the International Internet Contest COMPO10 with REQUIEM FOR PAT & LADY DI and NEW MILLENNIUM sung by sopranos ELENI CALENOS and Julie Ziavras respectively.



Taught Advanced Theory & Orchestration Techniques at NATIONAL CONSERVATORY, Athens, Hellas, 1982 (among his students was Perickles Koukos, eminent contemporary Hellenic composer and former artistic director of the OPERA HOUSE in Athens).
Bandleader at well-known night clubs in N.Y. & N.J. special events, cruises, etc (since 1988).



DREAMBAND: 4 piece band with dancer (Shamira Shahinian) 1993, to perform Spiro's New Age music.

2ND & 3RD GENERATION:8 piece band along with 4 young Helenic - American singers of 2nd or 3rd generation to perform Spiro's Hellenic music on poetry by Dino Makropoulos (1997).

DREAMBAND 2004: 9 piece band with special guests soprano Julie Ziavras,tenor Yianni Papastefanou & middle eastern dancer Amira Mor. TRANCENDING WORLD MUSIC WITH A NEW AGE ATTITUDE.



June 8 2004 Spiro & Dreamband 2004 gave a concert at the Satalla club in Manhattan where they presented sellect pieces of Spiro's music in the last decade.... A great success & reception of a concert that celebrated the Hellenic roots & spirit of the upcoming Olympic games.


Check these video samples of the live concert on YouTube:

Spiro's " NEW MILLENNIUM " - A celebration of the Hellenic Spirit of the Olympic games 2004 -


WORLD NEW AGE Hellenic MUSIC (Zeibekiko)


June 9 2004 the second internet show at took place... Magic show ...long & bold jamming with host Don Slepian. As usual Don started the show with a 20 minute intro of landscapes followed by Spiro's merging in at the end with strings....Then.... it was all music & magic interspersed with some insightful conversations......

June 25 2010  the third private concert at took place with Julie Ziavras singing music of Spiro & Manos Hadjidakis...Spiro playing both on the baby grand piano as well as on his newly aquired Yamaha 88-key keyboard S90xs.....magic...thereness!


Check these video samples of the live concert on YouTube:

Spiro Cardamis Live @ ArtMusicCoffeeHouse 2010 Part 1 (Classical New Age)

Spiro Cardamis Live @ ArtMusicCoffeeHouse 2010 Part 2 (Classical & Jazz fusion)

Spiro Cardamis performs Manos Hadjidakis' Music Live @ ArtMusicCofeehouse 2010 ( Part 3)



Spiro is preparing his 3rd NEW AGE CD entitled "Spiro" as well as his first all PIANO CD entitled"Piano & Soul" in Grand Adventures of Expression . He is organizing and orchestrating his material for future events featuring his music as well as preparing a CD tribute to his father with the title "George Cardamis' Hits REVISITED".He still freelances and working & creating in his newly renovated home studio in Astoria, NY.