Painting by  D. Savvidis


Dear Viewer, Listener, Co-Traveller... Please,let the music flow... Thank You!!... Soon- as you are reading excerpts from my Sacred Diary- you will realize the irreplaceable power of music that not only enhances the text but also makes it understood on a much deeper & closer to the truth level... Music and ideas go hand in hand; one gives birth to the other. During the time I was expressing my most spiritual music-the one that brought me the closest to our source- I got in the habit of jotting down ideas (1989-1996). Here are some excerpts I would like to share with you.


What a blessing!! If we, artists, refuse to reproduce but only create in the moment, let go of our creations and go to the next one; then we have brought the essence of spirit on earth. NO REPRODUCTIONS!! You Are The Moment Not The Immitation Of The Moment.
Letting go is the ultimate sign of self assurance.


We, artists, have a function to play and that is to REMIND.
We are the guardians of Atlantis.
There are no branches without a tree and there is no tree without branches.We all have a source and the source has us.
We are birds who have talked themselves into being land animals. Yet we cannot forget our nature and yearn to fly again. The time has come! BIRDS ARE BIRDS. They don't walk! They fly. (Actually they do walk from time to time... And this is the irony i.e. what should be just a temporary experience-walking- has become the main experience; hence the yearning for flying.)
Being human is-should be- an extension of our experience; it is not our only experience.
We think god is hiding when the exact opposite is true; We are hiding.
The time has come for us to rise and meet god than for god to come down to us again.
As long as we do not identify ourselves with the spirits we really and trully are there will always be a need for god outside of us.
We are god's immortal beloved.
We could think of god as a composer conductor and us as the musician composers of a symphony orchestra the difference being that we do not have music sheets to read from because god wants us to play god's composition by discovering it.
We are on earth to realize and manifest god. God is what is best in us.
(We all know it!)
We cannot experience god without opening our hearts and we cannot open our hearts without letting go of the need for control. And of all our experiences on earth the one that lets go of the need for control and opens our hearts is the falling in love.
The closer we come to our spirit(ual) nature the more we realize: "We, Humans, Are The Alliens."


We are the infants of the universe.
Planet earth is our adulthood.
We are all pure beings experimenting with impurity with our greatest adventure being the recollection of our beginnings ( the recollection of that purity ).
The deeper we travel into our own universe, our own beingness, the higher (farther) we will be travelling in the physical universe.
There will come a time when to be called HUMAN will be the greatest honor in the entire universe.
That life on earth is but a 2 hour play. We are the actors, the scenario scripters and like good actors we are to give it all and experience every bit of it, good and bad, sorrow, grief, joy and thrill never forgetting in the pausing times (our solitude, the moments the actor is backstage) our true beingness.
We are all one family in spite our DNA differences.We are all the multitude faces & expressions of God.
My music demystifies death & is my healing and my revenge. (against the abuse of spirit). 
APRIL 12 2005: (On entering RAMAPO, my beloved forest in New Jersey after quite some time.)

I'm in awe by the abundance of unconditional love that surrounds me and am filled with immeasurable love & respect at the same time.Here is the source inviting us to go with its flow & be healed....for RETURNING TO THE SOURCE IS THE ULTIMATE HEALING.


NOV 5 2007: (On teaching computer skills to a good friend).


We are the Aliases of our Real Selves

           (We exist only through the existence of the Original Self).

Dec 27 2010 (My APS' birthday and a follow up to my SILENT NIGHT upload on YouTube

Even when holiness outside seems to have seized to exist U keep your holiness inside.


NOV 21 2011

We are the iPhones of our soul.